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National Preparedness Level = 1 (last changed 10/28/2022)

National Products
  Incident Management Situation Report
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  Understanding the IMSR
Maps and Satellite Imagery
National Products
  Current Large Fire Locations Map
  New Large Fire Locations Map
  Current Large Fire Map with Sage Grouse Habitat
  New Large Fire Map with Sage Grouse Habitat
  Current Alaska Large Fire Map
  Current Hawaii Large Fire Map
  GeoMAC Spatial Mapping
  MODIS Active Fire Mapping
  NOAA Satellite Fire Detection
  National Infrared Operations
  Fire Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP)
  Fire Informtaion for Resource Management System (FIRMS)
YTD & Historical Data
  Historical Fires and Acres (External Affairs site)
NICC Wildland Fire Annual Reports
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Data Exchange (IRWIN)
  IRWIN Observer - Getting Started
  Data Exchange User Guides
  Application One Pagers
Sit/209 Program User Guides & Assistance
  2016 Intel Operations Interactive Sit-209 Program User Guides Website
  2020 Situation Report User Guide (PDF doc)
  2020 ICS-209 User Guide (PDF doc)
  2017 Manager Tools User Guide (PDF doc)
  2017 Sit-209 Reports User Guide (PDF doc)
  How to Report Sit/209 Program Outages
  NIMS ICS-209 Form: PDF Word doc
Intelligence Resources & Training
  Intel Operations (Daily & Tactical Reports)
  Intel Training, User Guides & How to Tips
  Unit ID Business Protocols (Sit/209)
  NWCG Unit ID Memorandum (2012)
Wildland Fire Reporting Guidelines for the ICS-209 (2012 Direction)
  When to report wildland fire incidents (pdf)
  When to submit a 209 for wildland fires (flowchart)
Geographic Area Portal
  Coordination Center Portal
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