FY 2005 NPSG Project Status



Project Title

Funds Expended

Heath Hockenberry

2005 Natl Seasonal Assessment Workshop - East & South


Heath Hockenberry

2005 Natl Seasonal Assessment Workshop - West


Tom Wordell & Heidi Bigler Cole

User Needs Assessment Survey - Funds used to develop and implement survey, mailing lists and protocols


Tom Rolinski

National 7-day Product Development and MOS Equations to support 7-Day Significant Fire Potential Product for SW, WGB, and NR.  Full Implementation in FY06


Neal Hitchcock or Mike Bevers

Optimizing Short-term Pre-positioning of National Firefighting Resources: Feasibility Study.  Mike Bevers to visit SWA, PNW and NICC in FY05


Tom Wordell

Cheetah - Update needed to import PCHA files to accommodate AK State fire import


Gerry Day

Decision Science Short Course.  Held May 19, 2005 in Portland, OR. Course designed by Don MacGregor…could be expanded or re-designed to be taught at the GACC level.  Gerry Day will follow up.


Chuck Maxwell

Verification/Validation of MM5 fire weather forecast with NWS Weather forecasts.  This project is being conducted by the Rocky Mountain FCAMMS


Rick Ochoa & Heath Hockenberry

Gridded FX-Net support.   Provided partial funding to FX-Net development.