Project Title

Funding Source

And Amount



2003 National Seasonal Assessment Workshop (NSAW)

$5,000 - NICC

$5,000 CLIMAS

$5,000 NOAA

Completed. See publication of workshop notes.

Discuss pros and cons of workshop methods

Cheetah Version 2 Update (Phase 1)

Fire Program Solutions

$27,800 NICC

The current version of Cheetah was based on FS regional boundaries and is limited in areas such as CA or the GB since GACC boundaries differ dramatically. Version 2 will correct this, provide more user flexibility, increase user-defined capabilities and all for data importing and error detection.

Phase 1 will:

  • Gather fire occurrence data (5 federal agencies) with capability for State data import
  • Design new DB structure and import functions
  • Design DB manager application with import functions
  • Build and alpha test import application
  • Beta test and revise as needed



15-Day NFDRS Forecast Model

$9,800 NICC

$20,000 USFS year-end funding from McClelland

A prototype web-based product was developed that utilizes gridded forecast models to project NFDRS-ERC indices on a G Fuel Model map nationally. The web address is:


NICC Predictive Services utilized this data in FY03. While the actual ERC values appear to be tracking quite accurately, there needs to be validation and calibration for the Standardized and Anomaly outputs since they are being compared to climatological records that re-sampled from DAYMET and are not comparable to actual ERC values.

Funding was specifically targeted to develop verification and calibration protocols and initiate development of utilizing ensemble forecast data to provide information about the confidence of the projections.